Eight Ball Trucking

Eight Ball Trucking
5271 S. 5500 E.
Vernal, Ut. 84078
435-781-1322 Phone
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MC# 315288
US DOT # 675663
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Established in 1993 we are focused mainly on oilfield construction and general commodities and equipment transportation. We mainly haul frac sand in pneumatic trailers to off road locations. We are off road specialist. We also do excavation projects. We have excavating equipment that includes a backhoe, dump truck, grader, dozer, and belly dumps. Our dump truck has a snow plow so we can also do snow removal and haul off. We have a removable goose neck trailer that allows us to haul heavy equipment. We have flat bed and step deck trailers. We have 1 ton trucks and trailers for hot shot work. We have have service trucks that allow us to work on equipment in any location. Our parts are stored in van trailers so we are always prepared to work on projects out of town. With a state of the art surveillance system our yard is ideal for storage.

Eight Ball Trucking Overview


With our 40 pneumatic trailers we can haul bulk sand, gel, bar, fly ash, cement, and salt.

Belly Dumps:

We currently have 10-3 axel belly dumps with access to many more if needed. We will haul up to 12”- material with fines and 4”- material without fines.

Flat/Step Trailers:

We currently have 10 flat beds and 1 step deck. All 11 are 48” X 96”


With our RGN we can haul up to 68,000 pounds max.

Hot Shot:

We currently have two trucks with trailers set up for hot shot work. The first has a 16,000 pound max. and the second has a 10,000 pound max.

Pilot Car Service:

Two trucks are set up and on call 24/7


We own the following: Grader (g666), Backhoe (430 cat), Track loader (931 cat), Dozer (D-7 G), Dozer (D-6 R), Dump truck (10 yd)


We have two service trucks. An 8 ton and a 1 ton rigged up and ready to go. In addition we have 3 refer vans that our parts and supplies are kept in so that we are always ready to go where the work takes us.

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What can we do for you?

We offer safe, cost effective, and on time transportation of equipment and commodities as well as top notch excavation work. While the movement of frac sand has been a centerpiece of our business we have been, and will continue to be much more. We have completed numerous belly dump, flat bed, heavy haul, hot shot, and pilot car projects. As for excavation work; we invite you to our yard located at 5271 S. 5500 E. in Vernal, Ut. As we completed this project in house it is a prime example of the high quality work that we can do for you. Call 435-781-1322 and ask how we can put our experience, people, and equipment to work for you.